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Takrut Kor Maa (Dog Neck Takrut) Category: LP Chamlong Wat Panomyong » Modern Era BE2545-2557 » Takrut | 29 Kali Dilihat

Takrut Kor Maa (Dog Neck Takrut) Reviewed by unclechowamulet on . This Is Article About Takrut Kor Maa (Dog Neck Takrut)

Takrut Kor Maa (Dog Neck Takrut) LP Chamlong wat panomyong, ayutthaya Year BE.2554*   ūüö©Miraculous Power of Takrut Dog Neck This is one of the most phenomenal takrut in Ayutthaya. There are plenty of miracles happened among LP Chamlong Wat Panomyong devotees. In one occasion, when a guy was about‚Ķ Selengkapnya »

Rating: 1.0
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