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PHRA HUYAN “pheun-tak” Category: Mass chanting » Phra Huyan » Wat Rajaborpit | 90 Kali Dilihat

PHRA HUYAN “pheun-tak” Reviewed by unclechowamulet on . This Is Article About PHRA HUYAN “pheun-tak”

✅✅PHRA HUYAN “pheun-tak”✅✅ ✅WAT RAJABORPIT – BE2513 ✅BIG MASS CHANTED For Bahasa : https://unclechow.com/phra-huyan-pheun-tak 🚩 This is very powerful amulet created in big mass chanted in Wat Rajaborpit BE2513. *Pheun-tak mean broken gun, because some people try to shoot at amulet but bullet doesn’t come out and the gun totally jammed.… Selengkapnya »

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