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Uncle Chow's Gallery will become the leading Thai Amulet Gallery on the international market in providing Thai & Buddhist amulet spiritual collections. We are here to complement the needs of Thai-Buddhist Amulet lovers who want a collection of amulets with a reputation that is well known in Thailand & International. Most of our amulets are over ten years old, and most of the amulets have been recorded in the list of "Thai Buddha Image (Amulet) Associations and Communities" in Thailand. All of our Thai Amulets have been selected selectively and are believed to provide optimal spiritual power.

Artikel Blog Terbaru

  • Biography – Chao Khun Nor (Wat Thepsirin)

    Feb 16, 2020

    Chao Khun Nor (CKN) – Wat Thepsirin (Bangkok) Dhan Chao Khun Nor (CKN) was born on Saturday, 5th Febuary BE2440 and was the eldest in the family of 5 siblings. He was among the first batch of students at the Official University of Kingdom Siam, now known as Chulalongkorn University.… Selengkapnya »

  • Biography – Luang Phor Phrom (Wat Chong Kae)

    Feb 16, 2020

    Luang Phor Phrom – Wat Chong Kae (Nakhon Sawan) Luang Phor Phrom Tawaro was born on Thursday, April 2nd B.E.2426 (1883) in Baan Prak District, Maharaja, a Subdivision of Ayudhya Province. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Kosalang, he had two sisters (Ms. Loy and Ms. Chab) and one brother (Mr.… Selengkapnya »

  • Biography – Luang Phor Kasem (Wat Susahn Dtrailak)

    Feb 16, 2020

    Luang Phor Kasem – Wat Susahn Dtrailak (Lampang) Luang Phor Kasem was born on Wednesday, 28th November B.E.2455 (1912) in Jangwat Lampang. He was a descendant of Lampang’s King from Lanna Period. He became a novice monk in B.E.2468 (1925) after the death of his uncle, the abbot of Wat… Selengkapnya »

  • Biography – Luang Pu Waen (Wat Doi Mae Phang)

    Feb 16, 2020

    Luang Pu Waen – Wat Doi Mae Phang (Chiang Mai) What is sacred? Everyone has something sacred within themselves. To have been born as a complete human being is already sacred. One can be sacred only from within oneself, and not by any amulet or other so-called sacred objects. Dhamma… Selengkapnya »

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