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Khunpaen Sonphan Mee (Famous Axe Batch Category: Amulet Type » Khunpaen » Mass chanting » Master / Temple » Modern Era BE2545-2557 » Year Made | 244 Kali Dilihat

Khunpaen Sonphan Mee (Famous Axe Batch Reviewed by unclechowamulet on . This Is Article About Khunpaen Sonphan Mee (Famous Axe Batch

✅Khunpaen Sonphan Mee (Famous Axe Batch✅ ✅Wat Palelai BE2551   ✅#Great mass chanted in 3 grand ceremonies# For Bahasa : https://unclechow.com/khunpaen-sonphan-mee-batch-kapak    🚩WHY THIS KHUNPAEN CALLED AXE BATCH ? In the end of ceremony, a senior monk tried the power of amulet. It was tested to 20++ devotees by chopping Axe… Selengkapnya »

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