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Bio of LP Thuad

18 November 2019 - Kategori Blog

Luangphor Thuad (Legendary monk hundred years ago)

Luang Phor Thuad was a monk who lived around 300 years ago and was highly respected in Thailand. He was born in Singora, Thailand
When he was less than 6 months old, he was placed in a towel under a shady tree near the padi field while his mother was working. At noon she ceased work for a time in order to breast-feed him. As she walked towards the baby, she saw a huge python curled round him. Alarmed, she called out for help. The neighbours quickly gathered whatever weapons they could and came round.

She remembered the ancient belief that this snake might be an avatar of the gods. So she plucked 7 wild flowers of different colours, put them on a leaf, and offering rice cakes,threw herself down at the ground and bowed to the Python. After a while, the Python spit out a crystal ball of manifold colours on the baby’s chest and slithered away. His mother kept the gem and brought him home.

Ajahn Tim Wat Changhai (the first creator of amulet with LP Thuad image)

A rich man offered a very good price for the crystal ball. LP Thuad’s mother did not wish to sell it. The wealthy man then tried to force her to sell it using undue pressure. At last LP Thuad’s mother relented in the face of the rich man’s pressure.

The rich man was elated, but only for a while. Within three days, all members in his family fell ill. Consulting a medium, he was told that he had kept something which did not rightfully belong to him. Only the baby boy (LP Thuad) could keep it. The rich man became frightened and returned the crystal ball to the baby’s mother.

It is said that LP Tuad was able to do miracles and there are written reports on it.
it is fabled that Luang Phor Thuad had the ability to change salt water to fresh water and it is for this reason that the amulet is often worn by fisherman as a protective talisman against the perils of the ocean.

Ajahn Nong Wat Saikow (#2 most famous master making first lpthuad together with ajahn tim)

When LP Tuad died he was cremated and his ashes were kept in a chedy (pagoda) in the temple “Wat Chiang Hai” in Pattani province (South Thailand).

It was the year 1954 when the than abbot of the Wat Chiang Hai temple (Luang Poo Tim) blessed the very first amulet with Luangphor Thuad images after LP Tim got spiritual guidance through dreams.
Together with Ajahn Nong Wat Saikow and Portan Chin Wat Muang Yala, they started to collect many sacred materials and in year BE2497, LP Tim created the first LP Thuad amulet image in Thailand.
Over the past more than 50 years LP Tuad amulets were blessed from many temples and master in Thailand.

It is said that the wearer of a LP Tuad amulet will get survive an accident or attack (with less or no injury) like a miracle. Southern people mostly put LP Thuad amulet image in their cars and experiencing countless miracles.

LP Tuad is well know for his protection,wealth ,business and safe driving. LP Tuad will help u in metta,protection,business and safe driving.

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