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Uncle Chow’s Gallery will become the leading Thai Amulet Gallery on the international market in providing Thai & Buddhist amulet spiritual collections. We are here to complement the needs of Thai-Buddhist Amulet lovers who want a collection of amulets with a reputation that is well known in Thailand & International. Most of our amulets are over ten years old, and most of the amulets have been recorded in the list of “Thai Buddha Image (Amulet) Associations and Communities” in Thailand. All of our Thai Amulets have been selected selectively and are believed to provide optimal spiritual power.

Uncle Chow has been Thai and Buddhist Amulet Collector since his young age. All amulet took from temple and kamakan. He taught me a lot about Thai Amulet with his 37 years experience. With him, I promise would help him in promotion & marketing as he doesn’t know about internet thing such as Facebook/ Instagram, online forum, etc.

This Gallery consists mostly of Uncle Chow personal stuff combined with my new Amulet. Most of our amulets come with well-known Amulet verification card such as Sammakom, Thaprachan , T-amulet and DD-pra.

Nowadays, I worked with Thailand company who have based in Indonesia & I was always moving between Thailand and Indonesia.  We have various payment option, but soon we will have Singapore and Malaysia bank account as well.  All our amulets will be delivered from Thailand or Indonesia. My Indonesian wife will help me in sales administration and packaging.

Please contact us with further questions.

Best Regards,

Garrick Wong & Uncle Chow

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